Openbracket / a tj gillis braindump

Github Pages


In an attempt to blog more I’m going to use hugo and have it setup to use github pages that get updated when the repo is updated. Pretty straight forward stuff. So let’s just quickly documention setup so we don’t forget… again

Local setup

choco install hugo-extended Super simple

Create Site

The quick-start page will be you best bet for up-to-date install info but so you don’t need to nav away

hugo new site quickstart
cd quickstart
git init
git submodule add themes/ananke
echo "theme = 'ananke'" >> hugo.toml
hugo server

Create Post

hugo new content posts/

Better Post in PWSH

function Post([string]$Name){
    hugo new content posts/$

Can you can just post new-post

Make post ready to publish

Remove draft:true from the header data of in the .md file

Config Site

Edit hugo.toml

baseURL = 'https://openbracket/'
languageCode = 'en-us'
title = 'Openbracket'
theme = 'ananke'

Config git for remote

In the root of your site dir

git remote add origin

Setup .github workflow

Check here for hugo’s docs.


In guthub go to Settings > Pages.

Change Build and Deployment Source to Github Actions.

Add .gitflow/workflows/hugo.yaml to your repo.


Now do a push of all those changes. You sshould see on your github repo page under Actions that a job is running. Once its done you github pages should be populated

New Posts

Using the pwsh alias above it’s as easy as post new-idea and pushing to your repo